Five Great Watches for The Man in Your Life

While smart watches may be in vogue right now, there are some men who will always prefer classic watches to the latest tech. If the man in your life is just such a man, a watch may be a gift he will love receiving on the next gift giving occasion. Or just for no reason whatsoever. Watches also make great gifts because they can be a highly personal gift, engraved to commemorate a special occasion or even given to a coworker, friend or colleague. Whether you want to say happy birthday, I love you, happy anniversary or just congratulations on a job well done, here are 5 great watches for a special man in your life.

1. Tank Watch

A classic WatchShopping tank watch is an analog watch that generally comes with a stainless steel band. They are most often waterproof up to 100 meters or more and are for men that prefer a classic, elegant look that is still a little on the sporty side.

2. Classic dress watch

If the man in question is a lover of the Rat Pack era and all things classic, then a classic dress watch would be just right for him. Classic dress watches are invariably analog watches that generally feature a leather band – sometimes in more exotic leathers such as alligator, crocodile or ostrich. Sometimes classic dress watches may have diamond markings or small accents, but overall classic dress watches are understated, subtle and elegant. Just like the man that wears them.

3. Field watch

Your man may be an avid couch potato, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to feel prepared to spring into action at a moment’s notice. If your man is an avid Call of Duty fan, then a field watch might be just right for him. A field watch is generally rugged and durable and gives the impression of being so. It often features a thick, stitched leather or canvas band and is often made of titanium or some other highly durable metal. A field watch will generally have a dark face with white numerals, which makes it easier to see in low light. Unlike an aviator or dive watch, a field watch is more likely to just display the time.

4. Aviator watch

An aviator watch is perfect for the man that wants to feel prepared to parachute into the ocean in the dark of night before making his way into enemy territory to survive solely on his own wits. While an aviator watch is generally an analog watch, it offers a wide range of meters, buttons, dials and bells and whistles. An aviator watch will often have 3 winders that serve different functions and can perform as a stopwatch and chronograph as well.

5. Diver’s watch

diver’s watch is much like a tank watch, but with far more bells and whistles. Like an aviator watch, a dive watch will generally have a rotating bezel that allows divers to track how long they have been underwater and luminous hands that can be easily seen in the murky depths.

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