How to Set Up A Perfect Camera System

I can remember a time not so long ago, when camera security systems were considered to be luxuries. Back then such things were only used by those with the wealth to afford them. Today, however, they have become so much cheaper that you really would be foolish to not at least consider installing a camera security system in your home.

We start with the planning phase. Begin by looking around your property and trying to figure out where a potential intruder would be most likely to go. Put yourself in the mindset of an intruder to the maximum extent possible. Remember this; every thief will try to think about their route of entry and their route of exit. Think about the route you would take if you wanted to sneak onto the property and place your cameras accordingly. Bear in mind that an intruder is likely to try and stay out of sight. They will probably try to hide behind cover, so make sure your cameras are pointed at the likeliest hiding spots.

When considering the locations of your cameras you must also consider concealment. You don’t want the intruder to see your cameras because then, they will try to avoid the cameras. Without spending a lot of money, it is impossible to cover every possible route of entry always. Therefore, you must understand that your system will almost always have a blind spot or two. Try to locate these blind spots.

Once you have located the gaps in your security armor, you can close them up by placing dummy cameras. These are much cheaper than real cameras and require only a single battery rather than a constant supply of power. Make sure that these are visible, but not too visible. Don’t make it look too obvious. In effect, dummy cameras can be used to steer people towards the real ones, which remain hidden.

But what about night time? An intruder of any kind is more likely to come at night. Therefore, you will need to account for the lack of visibility. Perhaps the cheapest way is to use a set of motion-activated lights. These are good for multiple reasons. First, they make it easy for the camera to get a clear picture of the intruder for easy identification by the authorities. Secondly, they will probably scare the intruder when they come on, hopefully convincing them to bolt and never come back.

The best way to defeat a night time intruder is through the use of a thermal camera. While these are not exactly cheap, they are not unrealistically expensive either. equipping your property with these cameras will effectively eliminate the ability of any intruder to remain concealed in the darkness. They also make hand-held models so that when you come outside to do a quick check, the intruder will be unable to hide.

Another thing to consider is the weather. Make sure that any outdoor cameras are placed in a weatherproof casing of some kind. This will ensure that they continue to function and protect you and your family for years to come.

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