How You Can Secure Your Data Effectively in the Cloud

Cloud technology has been a boon to the world of technology and the Millennials for apparent reasons. With cloud computing, you enhance your data management and storage without using the traditional storage devices such as flash discs and hard drives. Cloud computing is basically thousands of virtual servers that are connected to one another and located in many geographical locations all over the globe. This technology also enabled the staff and management of an organization to access data anywhere and at any time. This means that all you need is a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet and accessibility to the internet to get your hand on organization’s documents.

Data that is stored in the cloud is also safe from natural elements such as fires and hurricanes. However, any information that is found online cannot be termed as 100% safe. Questions of data security will always arise since cyber-criminals have also upped their game when it comes to hacking techniques. Public cloud is always susceptible to compromise from these cyber-criminals. In this article, we are going to discuss the useful tips that you can use to ensure that your data is safe when stored using cloud computing.

Backup your data locally
One of the most crucial things to put into consideration in data management is ensuring that you have backups for your information. It is always advisable to have electronic backups for your data in the form of flash drives and hard disks. This ensures that you will always have access to data whenever your original copies get corrupted. You can either choose to back the data up in some sought of external storage device or use the services of another cloud computing provider. Using both electronic media and cloud technology is critical for the safety of your data. Electronic media becomes very helpful when internet connectivity is poor.

Avoid the storage of sensitive information in the cloud
To be honest, there is nothing like 100% privacy on the internet today. The federal government issued the nist-800-171 publication last year to control unclassified information. The rising number of cases that have been reported involving identity fraud is enough proof. Finding alternative storage media for your debit/credit card details and passwords other than the cloud is essential. Copyrights, patents and other forms of intellectual property information are also sensitive information that should not be stored in the cloud. Such information may land in the database management systems of another company or individual even after taking all the necessary precautions.

Use cloud service providers that utilize data encryption
It is advisable for companies and other organizations to look for a cloud service provider that offers data encryption to your data. This provides double security and better privacy since the data has to be decrypted for anyone to access it. Data encryption protects your sensitive information even from system administrators and cloud service providers. It is very helpful to encrypt your data before the files are uploaded to the cloud. This is also the case in even where the cloud computing services provider encrypts the data. A company or an individual can use third-party encryption tools to make their data much more secure.

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