Nothing Hides from A Borescope

Also known as a Boroscope, optical devices such as this enables the user to locate problems no matter where they may be hiding and helps avoid unnecessary disassembly as well as the waste of expensive man hours. With a visual pipe inspection camera, you will know exactly where to go and what needs to be done when you get there, there is no guesswork involved. Do you have an engine you need inspected, or need to see the inside of a pipe to check it for imperfections?

Borescopes are perfect for jobs like that, but they have other uses as well. Law enforcement uses this technology in forensic applications, building inspectors use it to get to the core of a problem, and even gunsmiths have a use for it because it enables them to thoroughly check the interior bore of their products for quality control and safety. In fact, the term “borescope” originated in World War II when they were used to check the inside bore of large guns for dangerous defects, hence the term “bore” scope was born.

Military and Law Enforcement Use of Borescopes

Yes, they can be used to check the inside of a pipe, but they work just as well for a look around corners to evaluate dangerous situations. Imagine slipping one under a door or through a hole in the wall where hostages are at stake. When visuals from a borescope tell who is in a room before you enter it and exactly what their position is the chances of sparing innocent lives are greatly increased. The value of being able to inspect a room, vehicles, luggage or packages for danger that may be hidden inside can’t really be calculated.

Military use of this technology has saved lives before and it will again in the future. Injured soldiers trapped under debris are quickly located and get the help they need that much faster. Paid for by your tax dollars, this is a military expense no one would argue against when it means a soldier gets to come home alive instead of in a box. We all hear of truck bombs that kill by the hundreds, and one reason there aren’t more of those sad stories in the news is because our military is able to see inside tight places and find the bombs before they explode.


Law enforcement, the military, or the local plumber, basically any job that requires close inspection of tight, inaccessible areas without damage is possible with the use of a borescope. The benefits are endless and that includes its medical uses. In medicine it’s known as “endoscopy” rather than borescope and it has prevented many an unnecessary surgery or let your doctor plainly see when surgery is needed to improve your health. So, all things considered if the U.S. Government, local law enforcement, and your family doctor all use and trust this technology you can too. No need to worry about the expense of buying one unless you plan on using it regularly, they can be rented or leased so what are you waiting for?


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