One of Plumbing Technology’s Greatest Inventions

Plumbing technology has come a long way in the past ten years. The days of having a toilet get stopped up and unclogged multiple times can easily be diagnosed nowadays. Not only does this save you time and money, but it also pins points the problem and gives you more options when deciding on how to tackle the issue with a solution that works best for you!

The plumbing industry has created what is called a sewer camera for this specific reason. This is used as a way for the Master Plumber to inspect the sewer lines and find out exactly what is causing the problem you are having in your home. Similar to a “snake” that is used to unclog pipes, it has a waterproof camera with a light attached to the head of the cable that is pushed through the pipe system.

The video is displayed on a portable monitor for the plumber which makes for an easy on the job evaluation. The camera is also capable of recording the whole journey through the pipes which is instantly copied to a USB jump drive that is plugged in to the portable monitor. And it can then be given to the boss for further inspection as well as the customer to look over.

I am a plumber by profession, and I can’t tell you how much clearer this technology has made it for us to be able to explain the issue and present solutions that make sense. Showing the individual who has asked us to come out and look at the pipes more than likely has already spent money for a plumber to come out and snake the drain a couple if not more than a few times. This camera removes all doubt and guessing from the situation as well as instills a vote of confidence that the solution they choose will best fit the problem, all the while keeping everyone honest. We have all heard the terrible stories of plumbing jobs that were super costly and not done properly only to have a different company or plumber come out and look upon an unfinished resolution in disbelief. In my opinion, if your plumbing stops up after you have had someone out to unclog it, just ask for someone to put a camera down there and save your time and money.

Best case scenario, we see that someone is flushing things that should not be flushed and we can discuss that with the person who called us out. The worst-case scenario is you have corroded cast iron pipe that needs to be replaced with PVC pipe because of a leak or maybe a tree root has punched through it. In some cases, the innovative camera may just find a crack which can be lined and not replaced. Like I said before, there are many options this technology can provide because it is so definitive in its use. This is why it is one of the greatest inventions in plumbing technology.

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