The Fast Pace of Change As Energy Was Harnessed

The study of energy is a fascinating thing. Energy is power, and its movements and surges and connections are the things that make life go. There is energy between beings, and there is even a kind of unseen energy that manifests from entities that are not even physical beings. Ideas have energy, in the way that a great idea can instill people to start creating things that can take on a life of its own. All of this is energy, and energy powers communication and action.

Electrical Energy

Electricity is the power that generates heat and light, which is why harnessing this power is so very valuable. Before our culture was able to actually harness electrical energy and use it to create light and heat sources for use in homes and businesses, the world moved at a much slower pace. Thomas Edison became a legendary figure when he finally was able to harness the power of electricity by creating the first working light bulb. This innovation, which came at the beginning of the last century, changed the course of civilization.

Once people began using the power of electrical energy, all kinds of discoveries soon became part of daily life. Early applications were radio devices, microwave ovens and products using microwaves that lead to the use of different directional coupler applications. Television sets and radios were communication devices that also transformed the world with the use of electrical power. By delivering moving pictures and sound into people’s homes via these devices, people everywhere were suddenly able to access a whole world of information they didn’t have before. What’s interesting is that once these discoveries were made using electricity, the pace of invention speeded up even more, with personal computers soon coming on the scene, and before long, Internet access, email communication and hand-held computer Smart Phones.

Yes, it’s amazing how one move, as Edison turned on a lightbulb, seemingly transformed the world. There’s no doubt we’ve been living in a much different world ever since.

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