What A Reliable DMCA Enforcement Agency Will Provide For Their Clients

The greatest threat that any online business owner has to contend with is the theft of their intellectual property. It is estimated that nearly 60 percent of all online companies will experience copyright infringement, and the effects include a tarnished image and the loss of thousands of dollars of income. Individuals all over the world are becoming smarter in the methods they use to steal information, but a company that provides piracy protection utilizes the latest technology to stop them dead in their tracks. Here are a few of the most important features a trustworthy DMCA company offers.

Dynamic Reporting

The only way a client will know that a DMCA service is doing their job is through the use of custom reporting that is easy to read and understand. From the number of sites that were removed to false positives that should be closely monitored, they should provide a business owner with information that will show that they are keeping their intellectual property safe and free from online poachers.

Guaranteed Results

It is one thing to say that a company will do something, it is another to guarantee the results that a client receives. If a piracy company is not able to effectively protect a business owners proprietary information, then they shouldn’t charge the customer for work that was completed. This ensures that a client only pays for work that is effective and protects their business from would be criminals.

Around The Clock Support

Piracy can happen at any time, and company should provide around the clock support. Illegal activity doesn’t just happen from 9 to 5, and a company that is committed to their clients will be there to answer questions and investigate possible threats 24 hours a day. A company that lacks on customer service may not be committed to their customers and will likely be inefficient at keeping their intellectual property free from theft.

No matter how large or small an online business may be, the threat of internet theft is real. The team at The Takedown Czar can help and offers their clients top-coth customer service and proven results. Check out takedownczar.com to learn more and take the first step in defeating online copyright infringement once and for all.

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