Breaking the Norm with Groundbreaking Mug Technology

The fresh smell of hot coffee is always a stimulator in the morning and gives you the energy to start the day on a high note. For extremely busy people, sipping a cup of coffee while still hot can be a challenge as most opt to enjoy the coffee as they get some work done. It is only natural to be consumed in the work and forget the coffee as it cools down. This is always a disappointment, but no more. New technologies have found a solution; a good example is, the Ember Ceramic Mug. Basically, the mug wired technologies fall under ‘groundbreaking’ technology as it is the first of its kind. With several components put together, the mug keeps your coffee hot and will let you control to what temperatures you want it. It has puzzled many on the technology behind ember ceramic mug. How can a mug keep coffee hot bearing in mind it has an open top? Well, this is how it works. After pouring the coffee into the mug, it will sense there is something in it if it is on. If the power button is left switched on with nothing in the mug, it will enter sleep mode until you pour something in it. The magic does not just happen, you must pair the mug with the Ember app which is how you regulate the temperature of whatever it is you are drinking. For the technology to work, it is best to start with hot liquid. The heat from the liquid will be used to maintain the desired temperature.

The Ember App

The ember ceramic mug works hand in hand with Ember app. The app stores the information of the right temperature you prefer in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The next time you pour your coffee or whatever drink, there is no need to take out your phone unless you want to reset the options. In addition, it has preset options for different drinks and will notify you once your chosen temperature you are reached. Of course, with such an invention, you expect to see it with several people in the office. The app helps one to customize the LED’s color which is near the bottom of the mug. The app is also user-friendly and easy to navigate through. The ember ceramic mug’s battery by default last for an hour while the temperature is set at 1300 F. However, there are factors that affect the battery life. They are the speed of consumption, the temperature of the liquid at pour and finally the desired temperature. Ember ceramic mug’s technology is one to watch and a trendsetter. One does not have to have a smartphone to enjoy hot coffee with the Ember ceramic mug as it is preset at 1300 F which is just close to the right temperature for a hot cup of coffee. The technology is compatible with most phones and is continually being improved to cover, if not all, a substantial fraction.


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