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Frightening Result of Texting and Driving

Most characters have to travel to most areas to be able to carry most activities. Persons have their hobbies as traveling. It is fast to go to another country. The means of traveling has been improved as the world is advancing. It takes a short time for people to travel to another state. The new mode of transport is not likely to cause accident. Use of motor vehicles is the major mode of transport. Individuals have the easiest mode of transport as the cars. A short distance journey is suitable for the car. Texting when driving is a criminal case in the court of law. The governments of various countries punish the law breakers severely. Below are the scary result of texting and driving.

Increased road disaster
Texting requires your time, and attention. Driving also require you to be focused on the lane. The two activities cannot take places at the same time. Texting and driving will cause an expected accident on the road. Most of other road deaths are caused by the phone.

Increased death

When an accident occurs most of the people involved dies. Most of the people who are involved in a road accident die. They leave most people dead and others seriously injured. Most injuries cannot be treated. The victims are left for some time then they die. Most people in the country die out of accidents. Some people are involved in the accidents every day.

Increase of teen death

Teens are the most affected people in these incidents. The youths have the highest numbers that do not listen to the advice given to them. Most parents can buy their children the materials that they want. They take advantage of texting when driving. Texting when driving will make them forget they were driving. Most of the accidents are happening because persons are driving when using their phones. The person who was texting and driving cause death to the innocent drivers and passage. Death of the youths leads to no leaders of tomorrow.

Serious penalties

There always the best and worst part of every situation. It is possible for the government to find the persons who go against the wrong doers. It is good to make sure that the rest of people have the role models in the country. People who go against the law should be entitled to very heavy penalties. These will waste a lot of time for that they would move with their lives. Persons are advised to do the correct things for them to be happy.

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