Don’t Let Profit Distract From Safety

In surveys among industrial workers, one of the top concerns they have concern safety on the manufacturing floor. They’ve been a victim or have seen someone affected by unsafe machinery, chemicals spills, and injuries due to the lack of training. It’s not uncommon for many of these workers to leave their particular industry in favor of a safer environment.

Safety Over Profit

Safety should always be over the profits of a business. The reason is simple. If workers continued to be injured, then productivity is reduced. Or, if injuries are constantly reported, then the company may be fined or even closed down. In the end, the lack of safety isn’t an advantage to anyone.

What can be Done?

There are many things a business can do to protect the workers that will cost them little or no money. In fact, they may help them increase their profit. Here a few examples.

Protect the Equipment

Industries that deal with corrosive chemicals must protect their transportation and storage areas. If they don’t purchase rubber lined pipes or tanks from companies like Moon Tanks, they run the risk of leaks. In turn, this effects production areas and the health of workers.

Cross-Train Workers

Machinery on the production floor can be complicated to handle. If a worker calls out sick and there’s no one to replace them, then the whole line can be shut down. Or, an untrained employee can be injured. This can be corrected by cross-training everyone on the different machines.

Keep the Floor Clean

A majority of injuries in a plant come from accidental trips, slips, and falls on the manufacturing floor. This is easily corrected by maintaining cleanliness in common walking areas and around machinery.

Let Employees be Part of the Solution

The workers know what happens on the floor on a daily basis. So, get them involved in establishing pro-active policies to maintain clean environments. By doing so, employees will be happier, productivity will increase, and profits will soar. All in the name of safety.

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