Is Early PC Development Stagnating the Evolution of Modern Computers?

Although a variety of brands are available in the market for modern computer models, they are collected in certain architectures. In this scenario one would ask these questions: What is the reason? What is the special architecture of today’s PC? What are its components in software and hardware?

Architecture by definition

What is the architecture of the PC? Under this broad term, both the computer system and the technical solutions are implemented as a set of logical principles. You can also use a standardization tool for the PC architecture. Computers can be collected according to specific techniques and patterns. The combination of different concepts in a single architecture allows for the development of PC models in the market. In this way, computer manufacturers can work together to improve various PC components through a single PC architecture.

The term PC architecture can be understood as a series of approaches to assemble computers at the level of a particular brand.


The architecture that the manufacturer has developed and can only use as intellectual property. Even in this case, architecture from different brands can occasionally be classified as original.

These data or information technologies can be understood in various ways as a branch of knowledge. The first option is to interpret the concept as standardization criteria. In other words, it is a category in which a manufacturer of a single brand becomes competitive with others according to another architectural interpretation.

The way in which architecture is related to the PC is very interesting. The classical logic of computer design has arisen from many tests and errors. Take its properties into account.

Modern PC Architectural Development

Manufacturers must reverently consider key features of Modern PC Architecture. Even though new developments such as: embedded single board computers, show that installing a more powerful PC processor on a PC does not require a memory, hard disk or graphics card, the replacement of a chip cannot lead to the desired result. In this sense, the classic RAM hardware component usually has the same memory function as first-generation computers. However, this underlines their interest: so far, PC manufacturers have found no alternative.

Classic computational architecture

The principles according to which the distinguished mathematician, John von Neumann, builds a PC with has a certain logic. PC makers, who were related to the first two generations, implemented these ideas.

So what are the characteristics of the classic concept of PC architecture developed by John Von Neumann?

It is assumed that the following components are:

  • the memory block,
  • the external use storage unit
  • control devices
  • the arithmetic and logical unity

In this scheme, the components of the interaction process must be implemented in a specific order. This means, first, that the data in the PC memory is placed from the computer program, which can be managed through an external device. Then, the control unit reads the information from the computer’s memory and sends it for execution. The remaining components of the PC will be used as needed in this process.

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